• Introduction

    MOVE Batteries are maintenance-free batteries, designed for cyclic applications. They are produced with under strict quality checks, with a big responsibility towards environment and humanity.

  • MOVE monoblocks 6, 8 and 12V are available in AGM-technology (MPA /MPX and MPA XL series) and in 6 and 12V in GEL-technology (MPG series).


  • MOVE Batteries are suitable for power-hungry vehicles such as golf/utility carts, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, scrubbing and sweeping machines, electric wheelchairs and scooters.




General Features

  • International standard footprint
  • Valve regulated cells
  • Low internal resistance
  • High initial capacity
  • Lifting handle

Standards and Certification

  • No special shipping requirements
  • Non hazardous goods
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 and ISO 14001 : 2004 certified

Typical Applications

  • Wheelchairs, scooters and 2/3/4 wheelers
  • Electric vehicles/cars and golf carts
  • Floor scrubbers, cleaning machines
  • Marine and mobile homes (RV's)
  • Mobility and medical equipment
  • Traffic/solar systems
MOVE Batteries proudly presents:

In 2014 we successfully introduced the MOVE MPX range, Adavanced Glass Mat-batteries in well-known sizes but with capacities you haven’t seen before. Last year, we happily announced that the range extended and next year, we’re adding a few more batteries to the MPX-family. As of this year, we expanded our range by presenting the MPX 12-12, MPX 85-12 […]