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About us

MOVE Batteries was established in 2008. A full maintenance free battery line, one that is suitable for each and every cyclic application. MOVE Batteries created a battery range with a rigid standard of ultimate quality in different technologies and sizes to complete a full line-up of AGM / GEL and Lithium batteries.

Today MOVE Batteries are sold in over 20 countries throughout the globe.

MOVE Batteries features a wide variety of models, different techniques and dimensions to make sure that the perfect battery is available to everyone.

MOVE Batteries: a brand you can rely on!

We ensure high standards in production. We keep improving our manufacturing sites to maintain and constantly develop the production processes and product quality. We make sure that the best materials are used to give our products the longest lifespan possible.

We constantly work on decreasing our environmental impact and do everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our productlines

MOVE BAtteries features a wide range of cyclic batteries in AGM / GEL and Lithium (LiFePO4) technology. Long life cycle, robust build and an excellent quality-price ratio.

MPA - cyclic AGM Batteries

MOVE Batteries - MPA (AGM-line)

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MPA XL - deep cycle AGM Batteries

MOVE Batteries - MPA XL (AGM XL-line)

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MPL - Lithium Batteries

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MPX - cyclic AGM Xtra Batteries

MOVE Batteries - MPX (AGM Xtra-line)

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MTG - true GEL Batteries

MOVE Batteries - MTG (true GEL-line)

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